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Are you struggling with your never ending to-do list? Click through for details on how to finally get stuff done.

Hey goal diggers! I have a special treat for you today...we're talking about planning! I know, you must be thinking, "OMG, Melissa...planning isn't fun." Well, I'm going to tell you why you are SOOO wrong! As a Project Manager I plan large projects for large organizations. I have to ensure all team members are completing their tasks as efficiently as possible to get the project done. One of the ... View the Post

Feeling overwhelmed with your overflowing to do list? Tune in next week for all my tips and tricks on organizing your list and smashing them to pieces!

Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet. I'm going to get real for a minute. Uh-oh! I've ... View the Post

Are you looking to get healthy by summer? Me too! Join me for a 30 Day Workout Challenge, rules can be found on TrafficJamDreaming!

Hey guys and gals! Welcome back. With my nutrition goals going well (Whole30 Journey), I thought I would focus on ... View the Post

Check out my Stitch Fix review over on

Welcome back guys and gals! This week I'm shifting over to of my favorite subjects! :) I started sewing at ... View the Post

Tired of all the mess in your home? Me too! Check out my declutter challenge on how I got rid of the junk and how I plan to keep it clean for good!

Hi guys! Welcome back. Shifting gears from diet and nutrition to pay some much needed attention to the crap and clutter ... View the Post